Bill Dewey, CBP, BSME       

Graduate of the University of Rochester, bio-electro-mechanical engineer, unparalleled career working with people and instrumentation in professional environments, Project Manager for the Blood Chemistry Analyzer for the NASA Space Station Medical Unit, Consultant for the filmless, laser-driven X-ray diagnostic system for the NASA Space Station, Project Manager for the upgrade of the U of R High Energy laser fusion research facility, extensive experience with solar and other alternative energy forms, former coordinator for Dr. John Veltheim's BodyTalk and Reiki training seminars in Rochester, NY, teacher of Esalen-style Relaxation Body Work, Author, former president of the Dewey Research Center, and its BodyTalk System Health Research Clinic division, currently President and CEO of Gossamer Wood llc and its natural healing divisions, lecturer / teacher at Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY, listed in "Who's Who in Science and Technology" and "Who's Who in the World", holder of a number of US Patents in the fields of integrated circuit manufacturing, chemical pattern shaping, continuous forms bursting apparatus, printing of grocery store bar codes, etc., also an energy healer using various modalities, and currently focusing on the BodyTalk Health Research work at Peaceful Acres in Homosassa, FL.

Simultaneously, while frequently changing companies and remodeling houses too, he (and first wife Barbara) raised 4 fantastic children, now have 6 grandchildren, and pursued a continuous study of subtle energy and alternative healing.  He has an extensive background in the Edgar Cayce readings at the Association for Research and Enlightenment where he is a life member, taught Esalen-style relaxation massage, Therapeutic Touch, laying on of hands (he's a priest in the Order of Melchizedek), Reiki Master/Teacher, and subtle energy instrumentation research.  A member or former member of many associations, such as the ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine), IICWC (Ithaca's Integrative Community Wellness Center), ACIM (A Course In Miracles Foundation), HSLM (Sir Harry Schultz Letter Member---international research organization out of Switzerland and Belgium), HSI (Health Sciences Institute), A.R.E. Clinic in Phoenix, AZ, and many more.  His first aid training and original interest in how the body heals came during his youth as an Eagle Scout, and later Scoutmaster for many years.

"I have been studying and using the BodyTalk system since it first came to America in 1995, and the results I have seen are incredible. It is truly fast, non- invasive, and very effective. The BodyTalk System is not only an extremely effective health care system but, if used on a regular basis, can improve the quality of life tremendously and aid in whatever difficulties you may be going through.  Personally, I have used it to clear out severe allergies, cancerous moles, have observed rapid healing from severe injuries, headaches, shoulder pain, digestive disorders, and extreme grief."
Here’s what others have said:
"Bill Dewey is a powerful authentic energy healer and BodyTalk practitioner, who is one of the first people to have been certified by the founder of the BodyTalk System, Dr. John Veltheim of Australia. With his enthusiastic personality, Bill works with clients in a safe, non-invasive, non-judgmental, and highly effective manner. By using the BodyTalk System he discovers the priorities to enhance the communication in his client's bodies. He then acts only as a catalyst to encourage his clients' bodies' own natural ability to heal.  Bill is known internationally.  He has treated and encouraged many clients from all over to effectively listen to the inner wisdom that is within all of us. 

He integrates these methods with information about herbs, nutrition, exercise, homeopathics, Polarity, Native American Shamanism, crystals, and many other systems.  He is finely attuned to the body’s rhythms, fluids and energies using his six and more senses.  Bill is an expert at helping others get in touch with their body’s potential for well being. " 


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As one of the oldest and longest-practicing BodyTalk Practitioners, I take this healing modality very seriously.   The protocol allows for bringing in any other modality that is in the client's best interest, which has led me to extensive studies of Reiki, crystals, essential oils, nutrition, mind concepts, Native American shamanism, and my own personal research related to dental issues, specific systems used by other doctors who visit here to teach such topics as Speed Healing, Lymphology, and so much more.  Below is a portion of my "first career systems research design work" that leads me to visualize your "body/mental/emotional/spiritual aspects" as a complex system of systems, one that cannot be healed by just looking at the physical part that offers pain or other symptoms.  Western medicine treats or hides those symptoms, and is great for immediate relief of the trauma, but for a long-term cure you need to understand the underlying causes and treat all the different aspects of it in the sequence that your body/mind system knows is in your best interest...Bill

The  "Tap into Optimum Health" healer for whom you may have been searching!