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WANT TO PRESENT YOUR PROGRAM HERE?:  ​ If you have a program to present that aligns with our theme of healing or spiritual growth, you may want to discuss presenting it here.  Presenters set program topics, plan and carry out the timing, cost, group size, etc. then use the facilities.  We provide the space, snacks,  High def. TV and Bose sound system, computer input for Power Point and video presentations, seating for about 10 people, or use the porch, yard, or woods areas.  We will blast your poster and promo material to our e-mailing list of over 700 addresses.  You keep 70% of the incoming donations, and donate 30% back to Gossamer Wood llc.  Call us to discuss dates and your requirements.  We can't guarantee attendance.

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The BodyTalk Health Research Center is located in a private home in Homosassa, Florida.  It is NOT a business, rather it functions as a private endeavor for the labor of love.  Upkeep of the land and buildings has never been profitable.  Those  of you who come here for programs and treatments do so as invited guests and as research subjects, as do all the clients treated via telephone and email. There is never a fixed charge for our work.  Donations are accepted to cover the overhead.   No one is turned away if they can't afford it.  The Homosassa address is called Peaceful Acres, and is also an AirBnb.

ADVERTISING POLICY:  You may notice that we do not have any advertising on this entire site.   It makes it so much easier to read, and you don't have to wonder who is paying us off to pump their products, or to bias our beliefs or our data.  Advertisers, please don't bother to contact us or attempt to sell us anything.

FINANCES:  Gossamer Wood LLC runs completely on your donations.  If you would like to help out, click here to                      or mail us a check anytime.  We are not yet a 501C3 not-for-profit organization, so your donations are not yet tax deductible.

Gossamer Wood llc is now the name applied to the sacred Native American healing and ceremonial ground with a new address. The house (located at 2235 County road 28) has been sold, and is now a private home.  Please do NOT go to the house unless invited by the new owners.  The woods behind the house is called Gossamer Wood, and is the property that is used for private tours of the ancient indigenous history, meditation, forest bathing, and related activities.  It has a new address up the street, 2225County Road 28, Canandaigua, NY 14424.  You may park on the pipeline next to the chain link fence.

  Here in Homosassa, Florida, at Peaceful Acres, The BodyTalk System is getting spectacular results in all aspects of alternative and complementary healthcare. Our health research takes us into safe, non-invasive healing methods may be just what you seek for chronic pain, sickness, dis-eases, accidents and other ailments.  It may speed up your healing, but specifically does NOT replace medicine or surgery.  Either or both may be necessary to compliment each other.  

www.PeacefulBodyTalk.com represents the BodyTalk Health Research Center (aka BodyTalk Healing Retreat Center) , (formerly Gossamer Wood llc in Canandaigua, NY, which is now a sacred woodland area---see above paragraph), where we have been getting wonderful results helping people with physical pain, discomfort, trauma, disease pathology, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual concerns.  The research is leading us into many other avenues of release of the issues at the energy level, including the effects of sharing love with domestic animals and plants on human health.  

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