"Take a BodyTalk healing session from Bill, as I have already.  I recommend his manner of conveying healing information to his client's body-mind system. He has been delightful and an inspiration to work with, Awesome!"

"It is a wonderful experience. Totally uplifting, energizing and allows us with great benefits for healing...."

"..Patience of listening, case stories, to receive BodyTalk treatments, humor, willing to share experiences..."

"...thoroughly enjoyed my treatments, and am feeling 100% better already...one of the best experiences in my Life!..."

"...easy application it has to life...integrate with other therapies...anything and everything was addressed. no prejudices…no judging of me or my past"

"I suffered for more than 17 years from fibromyalgia and every day was filled with pain and fatigue which restricted me a lot.  After a few BodyTalk sessions, I can now say that I am fully recovered, have no more pain and my energy level is back to normal..."

"Wow, thanks, Bill...The debilitating pain in my leg following my watching the first plane hit the World Trade Center from my office window across the street wouldn't respond to medical treatments, and in fact got worse.  A year later, your two BodyTalk sessions seem to have fixed the problem permanently.  Thank you sooo much"

“It was a pleasure to meet you and talk to you and I truly appreciate the wonderful healing assistance that you shared with me.  I am feeling better each day and I hope that you are doing well also…”

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Here are a few examples:

2nd degree burns on a one year old
Submitted 28-Nov-14 by
Irma de Jon, Practitioner, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hello everybody, sharing a success story ;-) Two weeks ago a mother contacted me with the need to do a session for her one year old. The little girl had grabbed onto the heater and got 2nd degree burns on both her hands, it had happened on Friday, the mother contacted me on Tuesday evening. Since it had happened the little girl was treated every day in the specialty burn hospital here in the Netherlands. They thought she would have permanent damage, the mother thought different.

The session was performed..., one week later I received the news from the mother that the right hand had completely cleared up. Still fragile skin, but no more white tissue, all new pink flesh. The follow up was this week, no more bandages on either hand, the skin continues to heal nicely. So very happy for the little one.    


Submitted 21-Nov-14 by
Ben Manalo, Practitioner, United States

A male client in his early 40s presented with several patches of psoriasis on his elbows, knees & elsewhere. After his second BodyTalk session, he sent me an email saying his skin was "as smooth as a baby's butt." 


Depression, Anxiety, Anger Problems

Submitted 01-Apr-14 by
David, Client, Hong Kong

BodyTalk with Angie has not only been a fast and effective method in alleviating my depression and anxiety, but it gave me the insights I needed to understand the root causes of my symptoms for long-lasting improvement. Body Talk helped to eliminate my most troublesome symptoms including chest pain and anxiety, which gave me better control over my emotions and anger management, and ultimately improving my relationship. Angie provides such great clarity into the inner workings of the body and how her therapies take action in my body-mind. The great results of my Body Talk sessions led me to take the Access class so I can bring the success of the Body Talk method into my daily life." 



Eczema / Fear of Flying
Submitted 01-Apr-14 by
Terra, Client, Canada

I have been receiving Body talk from Susan Stenson for 3 and half years. She is a wonder!

BodyTalk has changed my life. I live in a more "present" place. I am no longer afraid of symptoms. I am grateful for my body's way to communicate with me through those symptoms. And through BodyTalk I believe I can address those symptoms and heal. I had eczema for 40 years! Sometimes extreme, covering my eyelids and often painful and embarrassing. After years of cortisone creams and blame, I finally went to BodyTalk...2 sessions later and the eczema was gone and has been gone for 3 years now! My body was ready to let go and I was ready to listen!

I was a fearful flyer - extremely so. Through BodyTalk, I was able to understand the fear and why my body was responding to flying and to really listen to the symptoms of anxiety and fear. After consistent body talk, I am no longer afraid of flying. I actually love it and fly many times a year without the fear. BodyTalk is now part of my family's health care. Both my young children go as well as my husband. It is an integral part of our lives for both the emotional and physical ups and downs. BodyTalk has opened me up to believing in my body, that I can heal and change and live with prosperity, balance, and the firm belief that we are meant to be healthy and well. 

***************************************************************************************************************By utilizing all of the complimentary systems (Genome research, bioenergetics, western physiology, eastern meridian and energy systems, applied kinesiology, advaitic philosophy, yoga, etc.) and combining them in such a manner that aids the body in healing itself, the BodyTalk system has proven that the body/mind is in fact capable of healing on a deep and lasting level.


BodyTalk is intended to enhance relaxation, increase communication within areas of the body, and to educate regarding possible energetic or emotional blocks that may create pain and disease. BodyTalk is non-invasive, safe, and objective. It utilizes the body's own innate intelligence to reestablish communication within itself.
BodyTalk is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications. The BodyTalk Practitioner does not diagnose illness or disease nor does the Practitioner prescribe medications.  Bill Deweyis not a licensed medical doctor and comments made on this web site or in person are not intended to substitute for those of a licensed medical professional.
Other BodyTalk practitioners on this web site, including links to other locations, are subject to their own abilities and limitations according to their individual credentials. No responsibility is assumed by Bill Dewey or Gossamer Wood llc for the actions of others through association.

The BodyTalkSystem™ is a registered trademark of IBA, the International BodyTalk Association.
The IBA promotes Body Talk as a health care modality that is complementary to other treatment modalities.
Body Talk is not intended to be a substitute for traditional medical treatment which may be required at certain times.

Get ready to change your life forever. You owe it to yourself. You will never be the same again after using BodyTalk...

Local Upstate New York case histories:

HEADACHES:  44 yr. old F., continuous migraines.  After 5 treatments, only an occasional mild headache at period time...Honeoye Falls, NY

BREAST LUMP: 34 yr. old F., mammogram questionable, MD biopsy questionable, doctor set her up with an appointment at the Wendy Breast Cancer Clinic in Rochester.  Meanwhile she had one BodyTalk treatment.  The doctor at Wendy's clinic couldn't find the lump so couldn't repeat the biopsy.  She suggested she wait a year and meanwhile do frequent self exams.  Her innate wisdom indicated the cause of the lump had been dissolved, thus saving her from the agony of cancer in a few years... Ithaca, NY

SPRAINED ANKLE:  40 yr. old M, sprained ankle playing soccer with children.  Innate indicated it related to a business decision he was avoiding, and needed to deal with immediately.  After the first session, it was decidedly better.  Following one more treatment a week later, it was healed to the point of no further pain or discomfort...Victor, NY

BELL'S PALSY, DEPRESSION, FIBROMYALGIA, OTHER DISCOMFORTS:  36 yr. old F., with a history of serious family cultural issues including sexual and physically violent abuse.  Her doctor wanted to cut nerves and tighten facial muscles permanently, as there is no cure for this if it doesn't fix itself within 6 months.  She required a few dozen BodyTalk treatments, and now her face is back to near normal, her depression nearly a thing of the past, and she has exciting new employment. Friends are commenting that she looks like a renewed being!...Rochester, NY

SKIN CANCER:  64 yr. old M, two moles on Rt. shoulder, growing larger rapidly and turning bright red.  Innate wisdom indicated they were becoming cancerous.  After two treatments, they shrank back to normal, stopped itching, and currently appear as small, skin colored moles...Canandaigua, NY  (Personally, I have removed many skin blemishes, red, growing, itching spots off of my skin and others...Bill)

ALLERGIES:  62 yr. old M, allergies to many foods, pollens, cigarette smoke, dust, etc. since childhood.  Frequent runny nose, sneezing, weepy eyes, etc.  'Required about a dozen treatments, including clearing out childhood beliefs about foods his older sister insisted on not eating, foods he over-indulged in during childhood, 2 hidden viruses, past life issues, psychological beliefs, inherited DNA tendencies (sister also very allergic), and many other issues at all levels...Canandaigua, NY

FIRST AID:  Many examples of cuts and burns, bruises, etc. healing fast.  Best example:  Bill Dewey, while tiling a ceiling in 2001, fell 12 feet onto a concrete floor:  broke his right arm; severely bruised the entire right side; damaged the liver, gall bladder, Rt. adrenal gland; suffered severe laceration to forehead (23 stitches) from eyeglass frames, etc.  Healed in approximately two-thirds of the expected healing time, with no scarring or future discomfort or loss of range of motion of the arm...Canandaigua, NY 

LACERATIONS:  63 yr. old F., fell off bicycle into gravel on a steep hill.  Suffered very deep, long cuts on arm and leg.  Refused to have them sewed up by a doctor (against my better judgment!), but allowed a friend to rinse out the dirt and gravel, and tape the skin together.  Less than two weeks later and two BodyTalk sessions later, she went to her doctor for a routine checkup and requested the doctor remove the bandages and inspect the wounds.  The doctor asked her which emergency room she had gone to, as this was a beautiful job of sewing (!), and was healing without any sign of scarring. The doctor also wondered why she still had the bandage on, as it appeared to have happened over a month before...Ithaca, NY

BURN SCARS:  35 yr. old F., severely burned abdomen and thighs from clothing fire many years before.  Required skin grafts from the buttocks, leaving the usual unattractive, rippled, mottled, pink and white scar tissue.  Repeated BodyTalk treatments lightened and evened out the color of the skin, and left it much smoother and healthier appearing...Rochester, NY

FEARS AND PHOBIAS: 62 yr. old F., extreme fear of spiders since childhood.  One treatment, and she no longer needed to run away when locating a spider...Rochester, NY

ADDICTIONS:  40 yr. old F., needed to have one or two drinks daily, and many on weekends.  Her innate wisdom indicated this was a case of marginal alcohol addiction, which would grow worse with time.  Three treatments later, and issues ranging from divorce to inherited DNA addictions tendency, and she was only interested in a few drinks a week, and didn't miss it when not available or when she forgot about it!... Canandaigua, NY

For an international flavor of case histories from around the world,
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The BodyTalk System can, and will, change the way you view health care forever. 

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