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"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge."                     - Thomas Berger

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The International BodyTalk System website is located here:     www.bodytalksystem.com.

BodyTalk is intended to enhance relaxation, increase communication within areas of the body, and to educate regarding possible energetic or emotional blocks that may create pain and disease. BodyTalk is non-invasive, safe, and objective. It utilizes the body's own innate intelligence to reestablish communication within itself.

BodyTalk is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications. The BodyTalk Practitioner does not diagnose illness or disease nor does the Practitioner prescribe medications. Bill Dewey is not a licensed medical doctor and comments made on this web site or in person are not intended to substitute for those of a licensed medical professional.

The BodyTalkSystem™ is a registered trademark of IBA, the International BodyTalk Association.
The IBA promotes Body Talk as a health care modality that is complementary to other treatment modalities.
Body Talk is not intended to be a substitute for traditional medical treatment which may be required at certain times.

Until now the majority of health care systems have tended to take a Cartesian approach and have focused on isolated parts of the bodymind equation. The whole picture, incorporating all the variables, has been placed in the ‘too hard’ basket. This is because the human mind, even with the help of modern science and equipment, is incapable of thinking on such a comprehensive scale.

The BodyTalk System recognizes that within each and every one of us there lies the innate knowing of who we are and what makes us tick.  Your brain has lived with you since before you were born.  It knows more about your health than any practitioner ever will.  Why not use YOUR INNATE WISDOM to stay in control of YOUR healing?

This innate wisdom carries the answer to our health care dilemma. This is addressed in the following way:

1. The BodyTalk System facilitates communication with the innate wisdom of the body by using neuromuscular biofeedback (sometimes called "muscle testing", though it has nothing to do with your muscle strength). This feedback provides the practitioner with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to any question that is asked of the body. The innate wisdom thus provides BodyTalkers accurate guidelines with regard to bodymind requirements for optimum health. 

2. By following a comprehensive protocol of questions, the BodyTalk practitioner can establish exactly what balancing the body needs in order to harmonize the bodymind function. This involves finding out which organs, endocrines, or body parts need to be connected to heal communication between them at the physiological, biochemical, circulatory, nervous, emotional, and/or energy levels of an even higher order.

3.The client and/or the practitioner touch the parts that need repair and the practitioner then uses his/her fingers to gently tap the head of the patient in order to focus the brain toward repair. BodyTalk ‘tapping’ is based on an old Hatha Yoga technique and experiments with biofeedback apparatus show that when this tapping occurs while specific parts are being touched there is a major increase in brain activity in relation to those parts.

4. The practitioner then lightly taps the sternum to store the changes in the heart energy complex, which ensures that the new balance is held in deep memory and is, therefore, lasting.

Clinical results have shown that once the communications systems of the body have been reestablished and the bodymind complex synchronized, the body is capable of healing itself at a deep and lasting level.

This is something that modern health care systems have tended to forget, or ignore. The trend has been to want to play “God” and intervene in the body’s natural processes even though it is clear that allopathic health care training provides only a glimpse into the complex interactions of the bodymind.

EMERGENCIES:  Of course, there are times that natural healing is limited. The typical emergency such as a car accident, where the body is in traumatic crisis, attests to the need of skilled intervention in the form of modern medicine, hospital diagnostics, etc.  BodyTalk will speed up the healing, but in emergencies you will need the Emergency Room first.  If you are scheduled for surgery, a pre- and post-operation BodyTalk session will prepare your body’s bio-chemistry for the trauma, then help it to heal faster afterwards.

Nevertheless, BodyTalk practitioners are seeing the incredible healing power of a ‘balanced’ body in the daily results obtained in practice. The functions of every part of the body and mind are improved. This means that the immune system will start to eliminate chronic and acute viruses, bacteria, parasites, and toxins. Reestablishing of the mind/body balance reduces allergies, emotional and psychological disorders. It also improves posture and coordination, digestion and elimination, brain functions, learning disorders, and states of distorted consciousness in the form of negative belief systems and attitudes.

The BodyTalk System does not rely upon diagnosis and the BodyTalk practitioner does not prescribe, use invasive techniques, or do anything that can cause harm to the body. This makes it one of the rare health care systems that can be classified as totally safe and truly holistic in its approach to reestablishing the optimum health of the client.

It is complementary to all other health care systems and can be used as a stand-alone system or be integrated into any other health care practice. It can also be safely used by the layperson as a means of assisting in the health care of themselves, their family, and friends.  We have also integrated the use of crystals, herbs, magnetics, drumming and shamanic practices, Reiki, and much more.

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A different approach to healthcare:

The BodyTalk System™ is a revolutionary new alternative and complementary healthcare paradigm for the 21st century. Introduced by Dr. John Veltheim of Australia in the mid-1990s, the BodyTalk System™ is now being used by thousands of people in many parts of the world.  It combines information from Eastern and Western healing methods, with Reiki, Reconnection Energy, Polarity, herbs, Yoga, Auruvedic, cranio-sacral, Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch, chiropractic, acupuncture, chakra healing, and essentially links into all other energy healing modalities.   BodyTalk practitioners know a little (and sometimes alot) about both Eastern and Western healing methods.  it's the integration of the two systems that brings about such great results.​

Since its inception, BodyTalk has been used to successfully treat a wide variety of diseases and to enhance the effectiveness of other treatment modalities. The BodyTalk System is totally safe, non-invasive, and has been achieving spectacular results in a growing number of health care areas.  BodyTalk can be used to address nearly any specific health problem, as well as a preventative health maintenance measure. 
Most importantly, the BodyTalk system does not rely on the practitioners forcing their ideas or agendas on the client. The BodyTalk practitioner is guided specifically by the innate intelligence of the client, thus ensuring that the human body's remarkable healing capabilities are being utilized to their maximum potential.

Here in Canandaigua/Rochester, NY, The BodyTalk Systemä is getting spectacular results in all aspects of alternative and complementary healthcare, and our health research into safe healing methods may be just what you seek for chronic pain and other ailments.  www.bodytalkrochester.com represents the BodyTalk Health Research Center, where we have been getting wonderful results helping people with physical pain, discomfort, trauma, disease pathology, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual concerns.  The research is leading us into many other avenues of release of the issues at the energy level, including the affects of domestic animals and plants on human health. 

If you would like to experience the excitement of BodyTalk but live far away, Bill  can do long-distance telephone or email sessions as well, across Canada and the USA.  He is also experimenting with applications for BodyTalk with animals, plants, babies and the terminally ill.   A new area is related to healing entire ecosystems.  All are interconnected at the energetic level.

​The outstanding growth and success of the BodyTalk system is essentially fueled by the following factors:
1. Unusually good results occur in almost every sphere of health care when BodyTalk treatments are added.
2. It can be used as a stand-alone health care system and can be learned in a relatively short time. 
3. It can be seamlessly integrated into any other health care modality and is complementary to each modality.
4. It is totally non-invasive and absolutely safe. There are no contraindications to its use.
5. No diagnosis is given, no medications prescribed, and no invasive techniques imposed upon the client. TheBodyTalk System does not conflict with, or legally contravene, any existing health care system or law.  Occasionally we need to touch your body, tap lightly on your head, etc., but only with your permission.  Most of the work takes place in the energy field around your body.
6. Clients thoroughly enjoy the sessions and the results are evident within all aspects of health – mind, body, and spirit.

What is BodyTalk?