I’m basically healthy, so why do I need a BodyTalk energy healing session? 
You might ask yourself, how do I feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?   Is every part of your body working at optimum levels?   Do you feel you are functioning at your very best at all levels?  BodyTalk can be used as the primary treatment for many health problems, or seamlessly integrated into any health care system to increase its effectiveness and promote faster healing.  It is an immune system booster, a relaxation system and an opportunity for you to modify your subconscious programming to allow your own system to operate more smoothly.
Think of BodyTalk as preventative maintenance.  It’s like changing the oil in your car engine even though the engine is running fine.  It will make it last longer and run more smoothly and with more power for the same fuel useage. 
BodyTalk is one of the rare health care systems that can be classified as totally noninvasive, absolutely safe, and truly holistic in its approach to reestablishing optimum heath. BodyTalk can be used to treat people of all ages and even pets and plants. 

Why do we need BodyTalk?
The body has built-in mechanisms to initiate the healing process, but the stresses of daily life interfere with these mechanisms. 
If we cut ourselves, the body immediately sets up a process to start healing the wound. This occurs at several levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Although this is obvious to every one of us, most people do not fully realize just how wonderful the human body's healing mechanism actually is. 
A problem facing most of us today is the way our lifestyles interfere with the natural processes of our bodies. 

Most people in society are routinely exposed to:
- Physical stresses including physical injuries, infections, viruses, parasites 
- Emotional traumas, death, divorce, frustration and depression
- Chemical substances contained in food , water, and air
- Exposure to artificial electrical energy fields that exist within our society 
and the electronic devices that we use on a daily basis, such as microwave        ovens, alarm clocks, TV, surveillance systems
-Dental and other medical X-radiation, ultra-sound, airport scanners, and many other related systems.
Have you thought about how many electronic systems are penetrating your body all the time with electro-magnetic vibrations?  How many radio and TV signals are being broadcast in your city right now?  How many cell phones are in use for voice and texting?  Aircraft pilots and towers? Weather radar signals? Marine ship-to-shore?  GPS and communications satellites?  All on different frequencies and messages sorted via digital codes, but all travelling thru your body and mine all the time.  At the cellular level, we are slightly sensitive to all of this. 
These factors compromise the communication networks or energy circuits of the body. It is critical that these systems be perfectly balanced for the body to effectively coordinate the billions of synchronized activities per second that are necessary to maintain optimum health. The body only fails in its job because its communication systems have been severely compromised through the internal and external stresses of life. 
By re-establishing good communication between the various parts of the body, they once again are able to "talk" to each other. The body is then capable of healing itself very rapidly and effectively.  Among many complex factors, getting the BRAIN and the BODY to TALK to each other more efficiently is the key to healing most difficult health issues.
It is critical that the communication networks or energy circuits of the body be open, as there are billions of synchronized activities that need to take place every second to keep the body in good health. The body only fails in its job because its communication systems have been severely compromised through internal or external stresses of life. In essence, the energy circuits are 'blown' in a similar manner to electrical circuits in our homes that open fuses or circuit breakers when they are overloaded. By reestablishing good communication between the various parts of the body, they once again are able to 'talk' to each other, and the body is then capable of healing itself rapidly and effectively. 
In this manner, BodyTalk is also a form of prevention.  We often find a deep-seated condition that will not show any symptoms for months or years into the future, yet we can correct the imbalance today, releasing you from the probability of having that disease later on.  This is especially true for emotional or genetic tendencies toward cysts, allergies and addictions.  We have also located future dental abscesses, and amalgam fillings that are leaking minute amounts of mercury into your bloodstream, thus compromising your immune system.

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How Will You Know What Is Wrong With Me?
That is the beauty of BodyTalk. We don't need to know what is wrong with you!  We don't need a diagnosis (possibly wrong), in order to improve your health.   BodyTalk and the innate wisdom of your being, guides the practitioner to help improve the communication within yourself. It is not based on how well a person is able to diagnose what is wrong with you. Your body can heal itself. Your innate wisdom guides us to help it make the changes necessary so it CAN heal from the inside, just like the way a cut finger will heal without any external intervention.

How Does Body Talk Work? 
The Body Talk System works by first identifying the weak energy circuits that exist within the body. The practitioner uses a form of biofeedback muscle monitoring to locate these weakened circuits. For every malfunctioning energy circuit found, either you or your practitioner contacts the corresponding trigger points with their hands. The BodyTalk treatment protocol is straightforward and does not require a high tech, expensive diagnosis. The BodyTalk practitioner relies on the body's innate wisdom to locate energy circuits that need to be repaired. The practitioner then treats these circuits and the healing process usually follows quickly.

What type of conditions will benefit from The BodyTalk System?
Arthritis, breathing problems, chronic fatigue, emotional disorders, stress, headaches, viruses, phobias, pain, menstrual irregularities, parasites, back pain, learning disorders, infections, sports injuries, allergies, digestive disorders, and on, and on...
We have helped people of all ages (and animals and plants, too!), with essentially every kind of ailment, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  There appears to be no limit to the applications of BodyTalk, because we are making corrections at a much higher energy level or dimension than the physical.  It starts at the level of the spiritual belief system, which then filters down through the mental and emotional mind to the subconscious mind which knows everything about you.  It is here that you set the pattern for the body and its health.

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I have an unusal , incurable (medical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) condition.  Will BodyTalk help me, too?
Probably, there are hundreds of factors involved, not just the outward symptoms.  We don't try to mask your symptoms; we just want to know if your mind/body system is capable of beating the condition and why it hasn't done so already.  All we need to do is to ask your innate wisdom what the cause is, and why your brain hasn't yet fixed it.  By asking the right questions, we can ascertain the depth of the situation; about how long it will take to correct it, and whether or not you need to be referred out to another modality such as acupuncture, chiropractic, surgery, etc.  Hopefully you are already working closely with your primary care physician, and we will be glad to cooperate with him/her. 

What interrupts the body's own healing capabilities?
In today's world, our lifestyles interfere with the body's own healing capabilities in many ways: physical injuries, physical stresses or incomplete healing of diseases and traumas; emotional traumas and issues that we experience from time to time, but cannot process and release effectively (anger, fear, worry, sadness, grief, guilt or jealousy); chemical substances in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe; exposure to artificial energy fields and the electronic devices we use daily (power plants, overhead electrical wires, phones, cell phones, pagers, computers, TV's, VCR's, stereo equipment, microwave ovens, lights, clock radios...) 

How many visits will I need?
That depends on how deeply the condition has set into your body/mind system, how long it's been with you, the stress levels in your daily life, and many other factors.  Some conditions clear in a few visits, others take more time.  We never bring you back on a regular schedule...your innate wisdom indicates when you will be ready to receive the next treatment.  This is a great way to achieve results quickly as your body becomes attuned to the system and speeds the process of using the innate wisdom, brain and heart to balance your whole body.

How long does each session last?
Sessions usually last between thirty and ninety minutes, depending on how many changes your body can handle each time.  

Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, the lines of communications within the body can become compromised. This leads to a decline in physical, emotional or mental health. BodyTalk is an astonishingly simple and effective way of re-establishing these lines of communication and re-synchronizing the body's energy systems. Returning the body's mechanisms to optimal function can help prevent disease and rapidly accelerate the healing process.  It is impossible to know in advance how much time your system will need with each session, but the average is about 45 minutes to one hour.

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Is BodyTalk Safe?
Yes!   It is,  it was,  and it always has been.
Actually, The BodyTalk System has been practiced in many parts of the world since the mid 1990's, using ancient Hatha yoga procedures involving only touching various points, light tapping, sometimes eye-rolling, feathering, crystals, and breathing. There are thousands of BodyTalk practitioners using this system on a regular basis, many of them medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and other licensed professional healers.  No one has ever been injured or had any condition made worse during a BodyTalk treatment.   The concept is that during a BodyTalk balancing session, your brain stays in control of the actual healing, and your brain is programmed to protect your body from harm.   In all cases, this treatment system has proved to be a totally safe form of harmonious energy balancing.
The reason the system is so safe is that a BodyTalk treatment only involves rebalancing energy systems throughout the body, including chakras, meridians, and heart-mind interactions. There are no invasive procedures involved, nothing to swallow, cut or inject. No needles, no deep manipulations, no drugs, nothing you have to buy and ingest.  Sometimes a temporary change in diet or additional vitamin C or such may be requested by your innate wisdom via the kinesiology.
BodyTalk involves questioning the innate intelligence of the client's body prior to treatment. The BodyTalk practitioner is always aware of what the client’s body can safely deal with at any particular time. By virtue of the BodyTalk treatment protocol, the human body will not allow the practitioner to treat it for a condition unless it is perfectly safe to do so.

On rare occasions some healing symptoms may occur in special cases. For example, you may feel highly energized, or sometimes feel unusually tired and in need of a rest, or wanting to take a walk in the woods, or needing to drink more water. If your body is ridding itself of a virus, flu-like symptoms may occur until the process is complete. These symptoms are always quite brief, but can last for a few days in serious cases.

Symptoms could also appear for a short time after treating parasites, toxins, and emotional releases. Finally, for diabetics currently using insulin, insulin levels will need to be monitored more closely for a few days, as you may need more or less of it after a few BodyTalk treatments.  Such clients are requested to keep in close contact with their medical doctors following each balancing. BodyTalk practitioners know to never treat blood sugar on a diabetic unless the patient is capable of monitoring and adjusting their own insulin levels. 
It is advised that BodyTalk is not a substitute for conventional medical care in any condition of accident or serious illness, and there may be times when consultation with a physician is required.  BodyTalk complements all other modalities, so it doesn't detract or contraindicate any other treatments you may be currently taking from any other practitioners.

Are there any side effects? 
BodyTalk involves tapping into the innate intelligence of the patient before treatment. The BodyTalk practitioner is always aware of what the patient's body can safely deal with at any particular time. Not surprisingly, therefore, the clinical findings of BodyTalk have shown that the system is totally safe, and gently helps to re-establish a better balance within, and between, all of the many systems in the body.

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What is Advanced Applied Kinesiology?
Originally known as "Muscle Testing" by the doctor who discovered it in the early 1980's, it was later modified to become a form of applied kinesiology, and then advanced for use in the BodyTalk System.  A better name would be neuromuscular biofeedback, which allows the practitioner to calibrate your bodymind system to give YES or NO answers to any questions concerning your health, by directly interrogating your "innate wisdom".  
Innate Wisdom: This is a kind of intelligence that is deeper than your sub-conscious mind, yet knows the perfect pattern for your body, mind and soul.  Connecting with this information allows us to learn ANYTHING we need to know about you that will help you, and move you toward perfect health at all levels.  (While this is not the same as a psychic connection or an aura reading, the information we use is somewhat similar to that which the late Edgar Cayce used in his famous health readings.   Click here for more information:  
In practice, this concept has the practitioner challenge a muscle (usually by pulling gently on your wrist) right after asking a yes-no question, or following the touching of any part of your body that is holding onto fear, grief or weakness of any kind. As your BodyTalk Practitioner works through the Protocol designed by Dr. John Veltheim, your muscles (through your Innate Wisdom) will give a weak response to places that require rebalancing, repairing of links, or re-synchronization at a physical, emotional or mental/symbolic level. 

Kinesiology as practiced in BodyTalk is very gentle and light. Some people say they can hardly feel the practitioner’s touch. The client gets to lie down on a massage table during the entire session with their arm (which is being tested) lying by their side.

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What is meant by "Linking"?
Linking is a technique that connects one aspect of the body to another for re-synchronization. The damaged link is found through kinesiology testing.  Although the BodyTalk practitioner can check the integrity of the links silently via the energy interaction created by any two bodies being in close communication, s/he is able to connect with your Innate Wisdom and establish areas that require a link repair.  
Link damage can be caused by hundreds of different physical, mental or emotional traumas, and result in poor communication between organs, endocrines and body parts.  Imagine if your mouth didn't communicate to your stomach the information that not only is there food on the way down, but it's mostly protein and will require lots of hydrochloric acid to break it apart?  What if the stomach didn't tell the liver and the gall bladder that a change in the intestinal chemistry will be required to process fat content of the food?  And then the spleen and pancreas need information about the levels of carbohydrates, alcohols, sugars, etc. that are on the way into the bloodstream so they will know how much insulin, and other hormones and chemicals need to be provided, and when?
Your BodyTalk practitioner is very interested in any areas that are not communicating at optimum levels, so they can be put back into peak efficiency.  Some clients have a few links damaged or broken; others have many, requiring a series of treatments.  Your brain may not be able to repair all of them at the same time, any more than the electric company can repair all the damage to power lines from a tornado at the same time.

Why do you tap on your clients' heads?
Tapping on the head is an ancient Hatha Yoga technique that activates the brain into re-evaluating the state of health with regard to the links being challenged, and creating a process to bring about healing and repairing the links. It also offers a major boost to the immune system to clear out infections and viruses, blood chemistry imbalances, allergies, and many other health-robbing issues.
Tapping was clinically proven to activate the brain when Dr. Veltheim attached bio-feedback electrodes to the forehead of volunteer clients. He used his advanced version of applied kinesiology to establish weak links from information supplied by the client's innate wisdom, made the required links by gently touching the skin in the required areas, and tapped gently on the Clients' heads.  This leads to a great deal of unusual brain activity on the biofeedback machine.  During his experimentation, he found that random tapping did not activate the brain, but that tapping done after establishing the links identified by his clients' Innate Wisdom activated the brain (evidenced by the large peaks and valleys appearing on the biofeedback screen).

More recently a brain scan technique was used at a research hospital in India, confirming changes in energy flow in the brain during a BodyTalk session.

Why do you then tap on the client's heart/sternum?
Once the tapping is done on the head, the next step is tap lightly on the sternum over the heart. Dr. Veltheim found that the treatments wouldn't hold permanently if the tapping was just done on the head, but that they held if he tapped on the heart directly after tapping on the head. 

Although the tapping technique is not clearly understood, it appears that tapping on the heart, as an energy center, stores the changes and information that the brain has re-evaluated, and in effect communicates to every cell in the body via the heartbeat (as an information carrier wave---see the website of the Heart-Math Institute for more information:   
http://www.heartmath.org/). The information put forward by your heart then is that your brain is in the process of making an important improvement, and it is to the mutual benefit of all cells to support that change.  This locks the change into the cell memory of every one of the 70 trillion or so cells in your body.
Through many means, science has discovered that the heart is more complex than originally thought, particularly in the memories of emotional issues. A good example of the complexities of the heart is exemplified in the book, A Change of Heart by Claire Sylvia. She was an older woman, one who had been a fit and trim dancer and who had never eaten at Kentucky Fried Chicken in her life.  Six weeks after a heart and lung transplant, she drove straight to KFC and ordered nuggets. She later discovered that the 18-year old who died and donated his heart (the heart she received) had a fondness for nuggets, and in fact, had some in his coat pocket at the time of his death from a motorcycle accident. Other similar experiences have prompted a more in-depth examination of the complexities of the heart.

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Why do you encourage Deep Breathing?
There is a saying in Yoga "perfect breath, perfect health" and BodyTalk System uses deep breathing to facilitate this incredible balancing technique. 
The Practitioner will often ask you to breathe deeply because breathing is one of the energy pumps which affects your entire body.  Consider the following as a grossly simplified view of how your body is designed to keep itself in perfect health.  Your brain creates a "radar-like" scanning signal with each breath that traverses the acupuncture meridian system and checks for problems and weakened conditions. The brain then integrates this information with that coming in via the nervous system, and determines the best course of action.  It then sends the information about how to heal or how to correct the condition down along the spine and throughout your nervous system to the areas involved.  So the interactions of breathing, meridians and nerves are designed to keep your body healthy.  If any of these are compromised for any reason, ill health will prevail.  A full breath in and out is required to get a complete scan of all the frequencies involved with your entire complexity of systems.
Emotional issues, often from childhood or from your karmic past, can have an adverse affect on breathing.  Some people breath in a very shallow manner, others very deeply.  Some fast, some slow, some are stuck in the upper end of the breath cycle (often high strung, type A or drill sergeant personalities) while others are bent over, mostly in exhale mode all the time, and have difficulty in taking in a full deep breath.  All of these conditions can be addressed with BodyTalk.

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How much do treatments cost?
Most practitioners charge the equivalent of US$ 80.00 to US$ 100.00 per hour, worldwide.  We prefer to use a system of donations, as some people are willing and able to donate much more, while others can only spare much less.  In the grand scheme of life, all of us are temporarily rich and temporarily poor at different times, and it's hard to predict what any of us will be able to afford in the near future.  In order to continue to upgrade our training, ongoing research, and to continue with the overhead of this Gossamer Wood llc healing location, we need to maximize the quantity of your donations.  If you can’t spare much money currently for your treatments, please share your results with others, and feel free to come here often and volunteer with cleanup, office work, yard and trail maintenance, etc. 
We are also open to exchange BodyTalk for other complementary healing modalities, such as chiropractic, acupuncture and massage.  We do accept payment with checks and cash, or
We don't take medical insurance, because the insurance companies have no way of putting you into a diagnostic category (coding) and a treatment plan with BodyTalk, and we don't want any third party telling your innate wisdom what is best for you.  Only you can know what is best for you in the long run.
Think a moment about the relative value to you of various things you maintain, such as your house and your car.  How much money do you expect to spend this next year to tune up your car?  How much to tune up your body? Which is expected to last longer?  How much is the maintenance on your home?  What is it worth to YOU to feel younger, pain free, allergy free, and more alive? 

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Where can I obtain BodyTalk training?
Evening and Saturday overview workshops are occasionally offered here in Rochester to introduce you to some of the basic concepts that you can use with family and friends.   To become a certified practitioner, you must start with the BodyTalk Fundamentals program which is covered in two long weekend modules or 4 days of workshop time.  These are offered by about 85 different instructors in many cities worldwide.  After much study and practice, you will then be allowed to take the written and practical exams.  That will qualify you to continue with the multitude of advanced modules and workshops which are taught around the world.   For specific training courses, dates, cost and locations go directly to the International BodyTalk Association website:  Click here: 
 International BodyTalk Association.

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BodyTalk is a consciousness-based, non-diagnostic therapy that works with the body in its healing process.