Healing Retreat Center


Everyone needs a break now and then, or a refreshing course that may be hard to find elsewhere...

What sort of programs are often presented here?

When you come to Gossamer Wood for a private retreat or a weekend program, you also have access to our wonderful:

  • Library of health and religion and Spiritual Growth books and DVD's
  • A Course in Miracles Books
  • Snack and tea table
  • Outdoor shower and hot tub (currently under repair)
  • Sound healing instruments
  • Woods trails and meditation locations
  • Much more

Typical Weekend Programs

Dr. Stephen West, Speed Healing and Lymphology

Hunbatz Men, Native Mayan calendar keeper and shaman from Guatamala

Madis Senner, author and expert on earth energies, vortexes, and helping Mother Earth thru these difficult times of environmental toxins.  Also leads woods walks and meditations here in our enchanted forest

Meditation circles

Usha Shaw, Sound healing expert, with gong, tuning forks and crystal bowls.  Also teaches Qi Gong.

Rev. Dan Chesbro, ordinations for the Order of Melchizedek

Chef John, author and expert in using Raw Foods for improved health

Bill Dewey, Sound Healing with drum circles, and the rare, sacred Peruvian whistling vessels

Various psychics leading meditations and other programs

Dr. Brian Dailey, MD, and Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD, hemi-sync brain balancing

Rev. Isabele Henry, can officiate at your wedding, even if you don't have any religious connections, or want a wedding in an unusual location

Rev. Isabele Henry, Reiki Master teacher

Native American Sweat Lodges in the yard

​Dr. jim Conroy, and Basia Alexander, authors, tree whisperers and eco balance teachers

Personal, private retreats:  click here for details

We can accommodate your group or your suggested program.  Contact us for details.